Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Journey...

You never know where your journey will lead you.  My husband and I started our journey wanting no more than a semi-open adoption with pictures and letters.  After just over a year of advertising, I start speaking to K.  We hit it off, and go down and meet her and her family two months later.  We enter into a whole new world, so different than our own.  Yet we are welcomed with open arms and loving hearts.  We leave there after that visit with some layers of fear of a more open adoption starting to chip away.  Another two months go by and it's time for us to head south for the birth of this beautiful child.  We are excited, petrified and hopeful all at the same time!
Early in the morning on March 10, 2009, a beautiful precious boy is born.  I am the first to hold him, she doesn't want to hold him or see him.  We are over the moon about the birth of this precious child, yet are feeling devastated for this special, amazing woman's potential loss.  She will only allow her mother and us to visit her in her room.  We pray together, we cry.  Layers of fear of open adoption chip further and further away.  The love beaming from her family for this child, they come and visit him and hold him.  Who are we to keep this love from this precious child.  Everything we know and believed is bring questioned at this point.

First name, last name and address shared with K before she leaves the hospital.  We never thought twice about it.   Her family visit us at the hotel, bring gifts and love. Chipping away more and more!  By the time we get home we knew open adoption was perfect for us!  K pulls back for a little while but we keep in touch?

Well this past week, we went to TN for our third visit.  Our son is 6, we haven't been there in almost 3 years due to birth of our youngest.  Unfortunately, this time around, we did not get to see his Birthmom, but he got to hang out with three of his four siblings, his aunt and uncle, his cousin, and his Mamaw and Papaw.  As it turns out we have been truly blessed to not only gain an amazing, beautiful son, but we have also gained an amazing southern family who we feel like we have known forever.  We left a few days ago and I miss them all dearly already!  Our son had an amazing time with his three sisters!  We have over 300 pics coming home with us and lots of greats memories!!!  So although there could be some scary parts of open adoption, please know, I can not even say enough of how truly blessed and lucky we are to have gained this wonderful addition to our family!!  Keep your mind open, you never know where you may end up!

Josette Crean

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