Friday, April 24, 2015

Where did I come from?

Where did I come from those 5 little words we are reluctant to hear as adoptive parents.

If M wasn't adopted then I can easily say well mommy and daddy made you.

M and I were laying in bed the other night. Started chatting about his BM (biological mom) n how she carried him in her tummy. And low n behold he said "I know I was in her tummy but how did I get there?" It was late n I was at a loss for an answer so I just told him lets go to sleep. I thought about calling ummm, let's call her "A". I thought about calling A the next day n saying hey, M wants to know where babies come from any ideas? But she's 22 and essentially has no idea about what to say to a little boy with a growing mind. And I am his mom therefore I need to figure these things out. But it's nice to know I CAN call her for future questions.

He's 6 now and our conversations are starting to go deeper. Not because of me but because of his curiosity. He's no longer satisfied with simple answers. But his BF (biological father) has no idea he even exists. I cannot tell him about sperm and egg, for his next question will be ok well who is the sperm that made me?

I never ever want to lie to him. I never have regarding adoption and I never will. So I guess for now ill just tell him God made him.

I always knew being a parent was a hard job but being an adoptive parent is harder. IMO

Written by
Dina Woods

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