Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our story - Part 2

Our son was born on May 28, 2008 the happiest day of our lives.
(Happy 7th Birthday Shane)
I couldn’t believe that this was real and truly happening. I was holding our son! We thanked (B) over and over again. We thanked her for the wonderful gift that she had given us, Something that no one else could do. John told her that she was our angel. We couldn’t stop thanking her for the wonderful blessing that she was giving us. She did for us something that no one else could. She gave us a child. John and I spent the whole afternoon at the hospital. My pocket book was practically jumping across the floor with all the text messages from my sister. She was the only one, other than 1 good friend that new about (B). We had so many disappointments before that we wanted to be sure this was going to happen before we shared the news with anyone else. We were able to feed, burp & change our son while getting to know (B). It was a very special afternoon.
May 30, 2008
We got up early headed out to breakfast and anxiously awaited our final visit to the hospital. After breakfast we got the truck washed and installed the car seat. We called (B) to see if she needed anything. Her only request was coffee. We arrived at the hospital around 1:30p.m. (B) was feeding Shane.  We received a phone call from (B)’s attorney. Apparently her daughter was hit in the head with a softball and had to go to the emergency room.  She wouldn’t be able to meet with us until 4:30p.m. We were so disappointed, of course concerned for her daughter, but disappointed. After getting that news we asked (B) if we could get her something for lunch. We thought she may need some time alone at this point. She too was hoping to be discharged from the hospital today.  We stepped outside of the hospital and called our attorney. We found out that the relinquishment papers now wouldn’t be signed until Monday. This was very upsetting to us since we had expected them to be signed on Saturday. We were just so concerned because another surgery was a possibility for (B) since she was in so much pain. God forbid she had surgery and didn’t make it the baby would be in the system and not in our custody. When we arrived at her room John realized that we’d forgotten her soda so he ran back down to the truck. While John was out (B) said she wanted to talk to me. My stomach dropped and I felt nausea. She came over to me and said that she had spoken to her husband last night and told him that she would never have been able to go through with this adoption had she not fallen in love with us over the past few days. She just asked that we love him with all our hearts. My stomach sank with relief. She hugged me and of course I cried and thanked her over and over again reassuring her that he was already loved more than words can say. She said she already knew we loved him she could see it in our eyes.
Written by Christine
Adoptive Mom

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