Monday, May 18, 2015


I got the call on a beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon at 3:20pm.  I was in the backyard spraying my neighbors’ kids with the hose while they were in my pool trying to escape it under water.  Earlier that day I took my neighbors daughter to the movies to see “Mama Mia”. She was only 8 at the time.  I was home because we were getting our pool inspected by the town one last time and awaiting our C.O. for the second floor extension. 
The phone rings and I immediately think “crap, I’ll never make it”.  I run and slide with my bare feet to the kitchen and grab the phone on the third ring.  My answering machine picked up and recorded the conversation which went exactly like this….

Dina – “Hello”

Agency – Hi, Dina I have called your house, your job and now trying your house again.

Dina -  Why, what happened??

Agency -  Well our baby boy was born yesterday and our social worker has been in the hospital with the birthmother and birth grandmother and they want to move forward with the adoption they do not want cradle care and would like direct placement for him tomorrow.

Dina – SCEAMING ON THE TOP OF MY LUNGS “omg omg omg is this the call???”

Agency – This is the call

Dina -  OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?  This is the call I have been waiting for are you sure?

Agency – Well C  (our social worker) has been in the hospital with the birthmother since yesterday we didn’t want to call you until we knew for sure.  We don’t have any information on the birthfather.  We know he’s Hispanic and the birth mom is Hispanic

Dina – (practically passing out – not really listening now) OMG ROBIN ROBIN THIS IS THE CALL. Robin my neighbor comes inside now fanning me I continue screaming and crying and hyperventilating for the next few minutes.

Agency -  Ok Dina, cry but please don’t faint.  This is the best part of my job.  I love making these phone calls.  Now please get a pen and paper and write these things down because you will not remember what I’m going to tell you now. 

It was all a blur after that.  I hung up the phone cried and cried.  Then realized wait, she said TOMORROW…direct placement TOMORROW!!!!!  I had so much to do in 24 short hours.  

We waited three LONG years on that list.  Three years of heartache, tears, roller coaster emotions, adoption meetings and then on one Wednesday afternoon our lives were changed just like that….


Written By Dina 
Adoptive Mom

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