Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"A Deadly Adoption" Lifetime Movie Review

I finally got my DVR to tape the Lifetime Movie, "A Deadly Adoption" starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig.  Maybe I should have taken the hint that my DVR refused to tape it as a sign. 

I refused to read other reviews so it didn't skew my opinion at all.  I did see however some pre write ups that it was a parody and then some said it was a comedy and THEN some said a drama.  Ugh!!  But when you see Ferrell and Wiig starring in anything at all, how can you take it seriously.

I tried very hard to take out the fact that I am adoptive parent and review it from an unbiased stand point.  It was hard to stay interested when my husband was laughing the entire time.  He kept saying "how do you expect to put on a Lifetime movie about adoption and I NOT comment!!!"

The story begins with Wiig getting into an accident when she is 6 months pregnant causing her to lose the baby.  So far I was paying attention since some of the people I know moved to the adoption journey due to a traumatic pregnancy experience.  OK good so far.  (Only 5 minutes in!)

We are now listening to Wiig talk to her friend about the potential adoption and that her husband isn't really into it and can't move on from their loss and the agency they are working with is bringing over a potential birth mother to meet them.  

So far I'm paying attention ...

The agency social worker (possibly) brings over the potential birth mother while Wiig is watering the lawn!  Hmmmm If I knew a potential birth mother was coming over I would totally be calmly watering my flowers at my home!  Or I would be running around like a mad woman cleaning the house and figuring the best outfit and throwing things in closets to hide crap!! 

A car door opens and a fantastically beautiful young woman steps out with a very short summer dress looking extremely put together for someone who is living in a shelter (which we later find out).  Everyone sits down at the kitchen table and discusses the adoption and by the end of the conversation Wiig decides that the potential birth mother should live with them until the baby is born!  Wait what?  She asks the social worker if that's ok and the social worker then proceeds to say that this is done all the time!  Wait what again?? 

Ok now I'm starting to drift off a little cause my adoptive parent side is creeping out!  BUT I put it back inside and keep watching.  

Well now we are subjected to a change in story plot.  In movies or TV you are watching at least two story plots - plot A and plot B.  At first from the title you think this movie will be about adoption but after the young woman moves in to their home, the main plot isn't really about adoption!  It's about Ferrell having an affair years ago with this woman and now she wants him back and blah blah! (Typical Lifetime movie).   From my stand point I am now happy cause I don't have to hear any more incorrect lines about adoption and I can now focus on the rest of the movie!  Yippeeee I can forget all the things I am mad about right now.  

Unfortunately, now that I'm paying attention (still shushing my husband), I realize this is a terrible movie.  The acting isn't even that good.  Wiig at one point finds out her husband cheated on her because he blamed her for the loss of the baby and to watch her reaction as an actress was just horrible.  I'm sorry coming from an acting and TV production background, it is hard to bypass the fact that she can't cry on cue and when she does its bad! 

I won't tell you the ending cause I hate to be a spoiler!! I think they had an idea that went south for the winter.  I am a huge fan of Wiig and Ferrell and they are amazing at comedy.  This was a movie that didn't quite make it as a parody or drama or even a comedy.  I feel bad that I didn't like it but to me it really was a true lifetime movie - bad production - bad story - bad acting!


Written by Chemene
Adoptive Mom
Group Leader

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