Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Hope of Being a Mom...

Being a mommy has always been a dream of mine.  I have wanted to be a mommy as long as I can remember. My loving and amazing husband and I wanted to start our family together. We realized that having a biological child wasn't in the plan, but being parents was.

God was calling us to adopt. For ten months we placed adoption ads in newspapers, church bulletins, and online. We handed out our adoption cards to everyone in the hopes that they would share our desire to become parents with an expectant mother who wanted to make an adoption plan. We told everyone and anyone about our dreams to become a mommy and daddy through the loving gift of adoption. We received all sorts of phone calls and e-mails during those ten months. We joined different adoption support groups and made amazing friends who adopted and were looking to adopt. They showed us that it works. They gave us inspiration and knowledge. They gave us hope. Thank you. You all know who you are. We love you for being you.

One day God had a plan for my loving husband. He took him to heaven early in life. Out of the blue my beloved husband suddenly passed away. I couldn't believe it.  I still can't. I miss him dearly. Life is so precious. I wish that he was still here. But I know that he is always with us in spirit. He's always in my heart. I love him.

After my hubby passed away, I didn't think that I could still adopt.  But my friends and family assured me that I could. They fully supported my decision.  They knew that I could still be a mommy. My support system is truly amazing. I am so fortunate to have my family and friends in my life.  They are my cheerleaders. Thank you to everyone who has helped. You know that I couldn't be here writing this without your love and ongoing support.

A few days after my husband passed I listened to a voicemail on his iPhone. The message was that the Saint William (the patron saint of adoption) pendant that he ordered was in and that he could pick it up. He got me it for me for my birthday, but it didn't come in until after he passed. So I called up the gift store and told them that he had suddenly passed away. They were in disbelief. Apparently four days before he passed he went into the store. He told the lovely ladies at the church gift shop about our desire to adopt a baby. When I went in to pick up the pendant we cried and prayed together. These women sat me down and told me how excited that he was to adopt and that he wanted me to be a mommy so much. I needed to hear that. I really did. It was one of the first signs from him. I needed to be reminded that I could do this and that my life still had to be lived... My dreams could still come to fruition. I proudly wear the Saint William pendant. It was the last, but the best birthday gift that I got from him. It was a gift of hope.

You see, ten months after my husband went to live in heaven, he helped send me my angel.  Our sweet, beautiful daughter was born and was finally in my arms.  She's my heaven sent angel. The day I became a mommy I knew that my husband became her daddy too. My little angel has helped me in so many ways.  I love her to the moon and back. She's simply the best. I love her so much. It's amazing to be her mommy. I am so blessed. I am forever grateful to her birth parents for making such a loving and giving decision to place her with me. Every day I thank her birthparents, God, and my husband for helping make my dream of being a mommy a reality.

I have a lot of help with my daughter. I am truly one lucky mom. My parents and my husband's parents, our families, and friends are a huge part of our lives. I couldn't have done this without their support.  It truly takes a village.

For those of you who are on your adoption journey and are waiting to adopt, keep your faith.  God is good and will provide. When you are down and feeling blue, just know that in time your little one will be with you. Keep praying. Timing is something that we don't know, but if your heart is yearning to become a parent, then follow your dream. Keep plugging along. As my husband always said, "Just put one foot in front of the other".

Happy Father's Day in heaven to my loving and special husband. We love you.  We all miss you. Our daughter always looks at your pictures and says "dadda" all day long.  Love you. Xoxoxoxo

Written by a thankful mommy! Xo

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