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Our Story Part III...

Friday May 30, 2008
Around 4:30p.m. B’s attorney called and said to meet her in front of the hospital. She said to change "S" into the outfit we wanted him in and she would walk him out after the papers were signed (Pennsylvania Law).
Time to say goodbye. We asked B if she would take a picture with us. She was kind enough to do so. We thanked her again for the wonderful gift that she had given us, our beautiful son. She walked over to the cradle and gave him a kiss, she said I love you and then we hugged her and said goodbye.
That was a really difficult moment for all of us.
We waited patiently in the truck outside of the hospital, watching each person walk in trying to figure out who B’s attorney was. It seemed like time was going backwards. A few minutes passed and there he was in his little cradle being wheeled out to his Mommy & Daddy.  After some paperwork declaring us as having temporary custody of "S" was taken care of we drove away from the hospital with our beautiful baby boy! What an amazing feeling. We also found out that the paperwork was to be signed on Sunday.
We couldn’t believe that we had our little boy.
John always said he knew it would happen someday. I was a little more, o.k. a lot more pessimistic. But dreams do come true and baby "S" will always remind me of that!
That first night was a very long night. I don’t think any of us got much sleep. We were in one bed and Shane was on the other bed in a small travel cradle bed. With every little peep out of him we were both up in a flash. We were nervous and exhausted. John was wonderful taking care of "S". I was a bit nervous to hold him too much I was afraid that I would get attached and then what would happen if B changed her mind.
Saturday May 31, 2008
Thank goodness for the Garden Inn at Hilton’s endless pot of yummy coffee. Today on the elevator a couple was admiring "S" and kept looking at me. Eventually they asked how old he was. I told them and they responded with “wow you look great!” That was pretty funny. We of course told them that we had just adopted "S". We hung around the hotel most of the day today. Still in disbelief that we had our son.
Sunday June 1, 2008
We’ve been at the hotel for 4 days now. It’s funny how employees look at us. We checked in with out a belly or a baby and now we are walking around with a newborn. The news soon spread through the hotel and the regulars new our story. We woke up on the anxious side since we hadn’t heard from B’s lawyer yet. At 10:00a.m. John called the lawyer. She was very abrupt on the phone and said that she would call us right back. She didn’t. We spent the next 3 hours hanging around the hotel lobby, nervous, nauseas and stressed out. Why wasn’t she calling us back. We tried not to think about it. Everyone was calling asking what was going on and we had no updates as of yet. A little while later the phone rang. We expected it to be the lawyer but it wasn’t. It was B. She called to tell us herself that she had signed the papers. She also wanted to wish me a Happy belated Mother’s Day & John and Happy early Father’s day! We were so relieved and so grateful. We thanked her over and over again. B also wanted us to know that she would be going before the judge and relinquishing her 45 day rights. This meant that she was giving up the 45 days that she had to change her mind. What an amazing gift that she had just given us. We could now rest and enjoy this time with Shane without the fear of having to give him back.
After speaking to B we called our families and shared the wonderful news that we officially had a son!
I think that was the best night sleep we’d had in a long time.
Over the next ten days we ate at every chain restaurant you could think of. One night we went down to the hotel restaurant and we had a celebratory glass of wine.
We toasted to the arrival of our son.
Written By Christine
Adoptive Mom
Group Member

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