Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time to Adopt Again - Surprise! (Part1)

I work full-time and have a little guy with some special needs.  We've always wanted at least 2 kids.  We can't have an only child!  But how can we do this again?  How will I have the time to answer the calls?  How will I have the energy?  How can we afford to do it again?  Can we do this?  

These are all my husband and I asked ourselves before we adopted our 2nd child.  Where there's a will there's a way is what I knew.  The paperwork took longer this time - I felt like I was in slow motion.  All those questions rambled on in my head.  The answer was always the same that I need to be a Mommy to a 2nd child - we WILL make this happen.  

My theory was that we wouldn't have the feeling of desperation this time, it wouldn't be as stressful.  My theory was partially right and oh so very wrong at the same time.  

We finally got certified and thankfully never even had the opportunity to advertise.  Being a part of our support group was a huge part of how we met our youngest child's birth mom.  A few other potential adoptive moms passed along our number to expectant moms that they didn't match with. I was speaking to five expectant moms at one time, four of which were emotional scammers.  The fifth was "P".  We hit it off right away.  She was my age and a Mom of 5, with her 6th on the way.  We started talking the end of September and she was due the end of December with a girl.  

We were thrilled when she chose us!  In Mid-October "P" filled out all of the paperwork so we could get the medical records to review.  Instead of records I got a text that she was on her way to the hospital.   Wait a minute!  What?  Her new due date was now November 1st and she is in labor!  RIGHT NOW!!   We were freaking out!  We get medical records (proof of pregnancy) that day.  I left work early to pack and realized I would have to prepare our three year old for what was about to happen.  We had to wait for the official call from our attorney to tell us to get on the road and head down to see her.  I ran to the store to pick up some pink socks and clothes to be ready. 
After trying to explain to our son in the fastest version I could, I kissed him goodbye while crying my eyes out and  my husband and I were on the road by 5pm.  We drove straight through from NY to SC.  About 9pm we get a text from the nurse at the hospital that baby and mom are both doing great.  We didn't make the hospital in time for the baby's birth, but were so ecstatic!  So nervous and excited at the same time!  About 8am the next morning, as we are arriving in SC, we get a text from "P" that she has a surprise for us, because it was certainly a surprise for her.  

What could it be? Twins? A red head? A boy?  

Make sure to read Part 2 to find out!

Written by Josette
Adoptive Mom
Group Co-Leader
Special Needs Teacher

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