Friday, August 7, 2015

"How I Was Adopted" - Book Review

Today I read the book "How I Was Adopted" by Joanna Cole.

As I have stated before in my blogs, I am a firm believer that each child learns on a different level.  I highly recommend you read  a book before introducing it to your child.

This book is about Samantha, an adoptee.  She tells her story of how she learned she was adopted.  I love how on some pages she engages the reader and asks questions like do you know how old you were when you were adopted?  It talks to adoptees.

This book is a story more like my sons where it talks about the adoptive parents going to a counselor to help them adopt.  We went through an agency so it talks to me more and I can explain his better to my son. 

It is wonderful how happy and exciting it makes adoption.  It needs to be happy!  The only negative I can say is in the beginning of the book, the adoptive parents explain to Samantha how babies are born.  The author talks about the uterus in a woman and how it squeezes and squeezes in order for the baby to come out in the world.  This not a bad thing to talk about, it is natural and beautiful, but parents will need to be aware that this is mentioned and if their child doesn't know this information that they will need to be ready for some interesting questions! 

Great book from an adoptee perspective!

For a sneak peek at the book, please check out this video of the book being read!

Written By Chemene
Adoptive Mom
Support Group Co-Leader

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