Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Letter to My Son...

With the school year in full swing, I wanted to send a note to my son to let him know a few things!

Dear L,
Life gets busy sometimes and you don't get a chance to always tell a loved one how you feel. 

The last five years have not been easy for our family.  Before you arrived on this earth, your father and I had a rough journey to you!  It was so worth that hard journey.  We lost so much over the years of infertility; we lost so much more during the adoption journey. But looking back now none of those things we lost or complained about meant anything.  When we think about our journey to you, we realize we gained a new family of friends and support, we gained strength that we never knew we had and we gained you!  The most precious gift of life.

Your first years of life were very difficult.  It took away from what I would call the fun that a toddler should have.  Spending so much time in the hospital and all doctor trips took away from the times you could have been playing at a park or with friends.  You had to be taken out of My Gym cause we couldn't understand why you couldn't keep up with the other children.  How could we have known you about to have your first seizure.  Through all those days locked in a crib at a hospital and all those delays those seizures put you through, you were happy and amazing and you tried your best every step of the way.  You never complained being stuck in a crib for 48 hours with a thing on your head that looked like a turban. You laughed and giggled and loved the attention. 

The driving to and from doctors in all counties and cities and even Boston to help find a cure, you still laughed and enjoyed the "ride".  You were poked and prodded in all types of ways.  CAT Scans and MRIs and EEGs and cancer tests!  You did every test with a smile on your face. 

Over the last few years you needed to attend a special school to help guide you through delays caused by the seizures and some delays that are just part of who you are.  And again you did every therapy with a smile.  They pushed you hard!  Even with your migraines you still woke up every morning and smiled and went off to school knowing you had PT, OT, Vision and Speech to deal with. 

You thrived in that school!  They taught you things that for most come naturally.  Your therapists and teachers had to teach you how to walk, climb stairs, eat, chew, swallow, write, look at someone in the eyes while you speak to them, stack blocks without having the urge to knock them down, stop you from running away and so much more.  You did amazing! 

You survived falling down a flight of stairs!  I still to this day look up to heaven and say thank you - it could have been a horrible accident that wasn't.  You have been on trips across the country and the islands.  And each trip you had a seizures.  One of them on the plane.  You have had to eat things that mommy wouldn't have touched as a kid never mind as an adult!  But you ate anything I gave you with a that smile!!

As you start your journey into kindergarten, I look at you and see a smart, confident young boy with the best sense of humor, who has come farther than anyone will know except your father and I.  I could never imagined how amazing it would be to become a mom - but I am even more amazed that God allowed me to be YOUR mom.  I'm glad I had to go through the infertility journey cause it lead me to adoption. I'm glad the adoption journey had a failure cause that failure then led me to you.  All of life's failures, accomplishments and heartbreaks are all meant for a reason.  We don't know them at the time and most of the time we don't find out why we had to suffer through them!  But I am lucky enough to know why I had to go through what I did!

One day I hope I get a chance to tell the one person who made this all possible that I love her for what she gave us!  Maybe one day?? 

I'm so happy I was there to share one of your life's milestones!  And I feel privileged I am going to be there for more!!


Written By Chemene
Adoptive Mom
Group Co-Leader

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