Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Books By Todd Parr (Reviewed By Chemene)

No who you are or what age - the one thing that helps in life is know you are loved.  One great lesson to teach our children is to make sure they know that no matter what they go through  that we love them.  Todd gives his examples (some silly) to show a child we love them...

"I love you when you are brave."
"I love you when your sick." 
"I love you when you share."

Basically he is making sure we let our children know "I LOVE YOU!" 

Great book for all children!!

It's OK To Be Different
This book tries to show silly ways people are different and make light of what some consider a big deal when it shouldn't be.  He uses the phrase "it's ok to be..." to include things like "it's ok to eat mac and cheese in the bathtub!" And "it's ok to be adopted."  People are labeled too easily these days and too much emphasis is put on the wrong things and this book helps make you realize you can be you whether you are adopted or have big ears or your small, medium or large.  Such a great learning tool for self esteem!

This Is My Hair!
What a simple book to help educate!!  It teaches children about being who you are!!  One problem kids have is learning how to have self confidence! Through fun bright cartoonish pictures, Todd explains how your hair can change in different situations.  It's funny and silly and perfect to let children know that it's ok to have big hair or no one!  Who cares what hair you have - just be you!  

This can be a teacher for all children of all races since so many of us, like me, have to teach about different textures and types of hair we all have!

What a fun, fun book!!

The Goodbye Book
The best part of my life is being a mom!  Parenting is so hard!  This year I had to teach my son one the hardest lessons in life that most of us have ages time learning about - when saying goodbye to someone.  Whether it be when he had to say goodbye to his cousins when they went back home to California or when we lost our precious little Phoebe (our cat).  For a 5 year old this is a hard lesson to grasp.  So hearing that Todd Parr was coming out this year with this new book, I got excited!  He has a great way of writing a book that is generic!! This can be used for all situations!!

Reviews by Chemene
Group Co-Leader
Adoptive Mom

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