Thursday, October 15, 2015

To Decorate or NOT To Decorate??

After years of fertility treatments, hopes raised and crushed, we’re firmly on the path towards adoption: research done, picked our agency, homestudy complete, picked our attorney, and even picked our pediatrician.  What we haven’t picked is the color of the nursery – and I’m not talking pink or blue, yellow or green.

Actually, we haven’t bought a thing for the baby we hope to bring home.  Nothing.  Nada.  I could blame superstition.  My family is Jewish and we don’t believe in having things in the house prior to when a baby is born.  But, that’s not the reason.  Mike (DH) and I have discussed this and came to the decision, that no matter how long our wait, having the baby’s room decorated and ready would be added stress to an already stressful situation. 

The room is cleaned out, practically empty.  I actually like stopping in there – which I don’t do often.  It gives me a sense that things will change and move forward.  It’s like a blank canvas – with the promise of something good to come.  It’s pleasant to anticipate getting to make that room into our baby’s room and watch it evolve and change over time – becoming more and more specific to the gender and personality of the child. 

If the room was decorated, crib and all, I think I would feel stuck in the wait – nothing changing – frozen in time – and I don’t need that reminder down the hall. 

I do dream about what I’d like to room to turn into when the right situation comes our way.  We have a registry set up - with essentials picked out.  Yes, I know what car seat I want, which bouncer seat, and a crib picked out.  We have a list of starter clothing, bedding, bathing necessities, etc.  But our plan is, when the time comes, to enjoy the ride – enjoy every second with our new family member.  If the sheets don’t match the curtains for a month or two – I will happily not give a darn.

Written by Andrea
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Future mom

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