Friday, June 17, 2016

Safe haven

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Family ties

Tonight We were just flipping thru the stations and didn't find anything at all... So we stopped at Family Ties!!  Thought something funny and simple from the '80s!!!

We were taken aback by the fact that the episode we randomly put on was about Skippy finding out he was adopted and wanted to meet his real mother... It was well handled since it was written in the '80s and a comedy!! 

Here is the excerpt from the episode when Skippy has just been rejected by his Birthmother and Alex is trying to help him...

Friday, April 1, 2016


How excited I was this morning waking up to this!! One of our members got seen!  This journey is hard for everyone but it doesn't mean you can't have fun!! Please help us share!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Great video!!

One of the best ways to show who u r!!  A video!! Love it!! Please help me share this awesome video!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I'm a sniffling fool right now!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chocolate milk!

How to make chocolate milk for a 3 yr old... Just 18 steps 

1. Take the red cup filled with chocolate milk out of the fridge. Toddler has a melt down because that milk is in that red cup. He wants the blue cup. 
2 Console toddler. Assure him you will do better. 
3 Open cabinet to discover there are only red cups. Apologize to the toddler. Toddler has a meltdown. 
4 Convince the toddler that red cups are great for milk. 
5 Toddler consents to settling on the red cup this time. Get the milk from the fridge. Toddler has a meltdown because he doesn't want that milk. 
6 Confirm that the toddler wants milk. He does. 
7 Ask toddler where to find the milk he wants. He informs you its in the fridgerator. (Duh!). Put rejected milk in fridge. 
8 Take out same new different amazing milk and seek approval. Toddler agrees. 
9 Begin to poor same new different amazing milk into the agreed upon red cup. Toddler cries hysterically. 
10 Console toddler. 
11 Wash blue cup from in sink. 
12 Pour same new different amazing milk into freshly washed blue cup. 
13 Add chocolate as was requested. 
14 Stir milk. Toddler has meltdown because you mixed the milk. 
15 Smile at toddler. 
16 Yell at spoon. 
17 Apologize to toddler. 
18 Beg forgiveness for being such a terrible servant. Toddler accepts apology "this time". Toddler consents to drink the horribly mixed milk. 

** mental note to self never make chocolate milk for a tired shirtless 3 yr old.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Paint and sip!!

First annual paint and sip!!  What a great time with old friends and new friends!  The support we got was amazing and we thank everyone who helped us!! 

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Adoption can do so many things ... One thing I love is that it can teach you about different cultures!  So many families are brought together with different backgrounds and ethnicities ... I should know that!  I am British but yet grew up Greek! Here is one of my favorite dances ... 

Pontian tik!!

Anyone have any traditions they want to share from a different culture or something they love about being American?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Missing His First Family

We have an open adoption with our oldest son and his birth family.  They are our extended family.  We visit them about once a year.  We FaceTime, talk on the phone, and keep in contact, sometimes more so than with our close by family.  Sadly there is still that sadness attached to open adoption.  Since D sees and knows his first family, he knows exactly what he's missing, and he really, truly misses them, especially his sisters.  We put their pictures up in his room, we FaceTime, I don't think it could ever be enough.  It's just something we have to deal with.  I feel awful for him.  It's like an emptiness he feels, he describes it and expresses it quite well.  I wish we were rich and could afford to travel the 650 miles or so more often.  I wish we could afford to pay for them all to come to NY.  But unfortunately that is not our reality.  We will continue to be there for him and acknowledge his feelings and support him as best we could.  But my heart will break for him every time he tells me how much he misses his sisters like he did tonight.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Transracial Adoption!

7 yr old little girl opens up about the joys and struggles of transracial adoption, and how the questions she gets asked effect her daily life. We can all learn something from this brave little girl! Enjoy!

Posted originally on Youtube... here:

Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm only human...

The feelings don't go away even after u have adopted. They might be tucked deep down but then something will happen to bring them right back to the surface. The bitterness, jealousy, sadness and yearning. 

Let me explain. I had a failed adoption last February. She changed her mind in the hospital. I cried, we grieved and we moved on. I strongly believe in Jesus Christ and I know everything happens for a reason. 

Someone in our adoption group recently bought home a 👶 baby boy. She, like me was NOT looking to adopt. The situation came to her. Everytime she talked about it I felt angry and bitter. I couldn't even bring myself to congratulate her. Very unlike me. I even thought to myself well her birthmother may very well change her mind also. But she didn't. 

Today was the day I saw the baby. Sitting in my car waiting to go into the party I could see them getting everything together to bring the baby in. I wanted to go home and cry. Why?? Why did she get to bring home a beautiful baby boy being a single mother and I couldn't??? It's not fair!! 😌 

Later on, I walked over to the stroller looked down at the beautiful boy and the 😭😭 tears started flowing. But then all the feelings of anger and resentment washed away. He's where he belongs. He has an incredible big brother and god doesn't make mistakes. 

You see these feelings don't go away once you become a mom. And we don't just feel this way about pregnant people.