Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Missing His First Family

We have an open adoption with our oldest son and his birth family.  They are our extended family.  We visit them about once a year.  We FaceTime, talk on the phone, and keep in contact, sometimes more so than with our close by family.  Sadly there is still that sadness attached to open adoption.  Since D sees and knows his first family, he knows exactly what he's missing, and he really, truly misses them, especially his sisters.  We put their pictures up in his room, we FaceTime, I don't think it could ever be enough.  It's just something we have to deal with.  I feel awful for him.  It's like an emptiness he feels, he describes it and expresses it quite well.  I wish we were rich and could afford to travel the 650 miles or so more often.  I wish we could afford to pay for them all to come to NY.  But unfortunately that is not our reality.  We will continue to be there for him and acknowledge his feelings and support him as best we could.  But my heart will break for him every time he tells me how much he misses his sisters like he did tonight.

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  1. U r a great mom! One day when they get older they can drive and do trips to meet half way!! I know it's far off but ...