Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Chocolate milk!

How to make chocolate milk for a 3 yr old... Just 18 steps 

1. Take the red cup filled with chocolate milk out of the fridge. Toddler has a melt down because that milk is in that red cup. He wants the blue cup. 
2 Console toddler. Assure him you will do better. 
3 Open cabinet to discover there are only red cups. Apologize to the toddler. Toddler has a meltdown. 
4 Convince the toddler that red cups are great for milk. 
5 Toddler consents to settling on the red cup this time. Get the milk from the fridge. Toddler has a meltdown because he doesn't want that milk. 
6 Confirm that the toddler wants milk. He does. 
7 Ask toddler where to find the milk he wants. He informs you its in the fridgerator. (Duh!). Put rejected milk in fridge. 
8 Take out same new different amazing milk and seek approval. Toddler agrees. 
9 Begin to poor same new different amazing milk into the agreed upon red cup. Toddler cries hysterically. 
10 Console toddler. 
11 Wash blue cup from in sink. 
12 Pour same new different amazing milk into freshly washed blue cup. 
13 Add chocolate as was requested. 
14 Stir milk. Toddler has meltdown because you mixed the milk. 
15 Smile at toddler. 
16 Yell at spoon. 
17 Apologize to toddler. 
18 Beg forgiveness for being such a terrible servant. Toddler accepts apology "this time". Toddler consents to drink the horribly mixed milk. 

** mental note to self never make chocolate milk for a tired shirtless 3 yr old.

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